Hello! Moin! Góðan dag!

I’m Kristyn.

I’m a copywriter, blogger, and fiction writer with a passion for Germanic culture, linguistics, and history.

I blog about everything from European oral traditions to modern fantasy. I specialize in Northern German, Icelandic, and Old English literature, but I sometimes delve into Celtic history and Iron Age Europe. Expect lots of talk about travel and mythology, accompanied by plenty of colorful pictures and artwork. My fondness for national epics in particular has informed my fiction.

When I’m not in front of the keyboard, I enjoy hiking, painting, and sewing. These hobbies might occasionally sneak their way into my blog posts. As someone of half-German, half-Scottish ancestry, I’m really interested in connecting with my family’s cultural and ethnic background, which has inspired aspects of both my career and hobbies. I live in a small mining town in the California mountains with my husband and our pets, but I try to get out and see other places as often as I can.

I graduated magna cum laude from University of Redlands with a degree in literature, with an emphasis on Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian epic literature. My critical essay “Swords, Serpents, and Symbolic Imagery: Examining the Sigemund Passage in Beowulf” received departmental honors.

I frequently feature guest writers and authors on my blog, especially those that write about similar topics. If you’re interested in having an article featured, please contact me here.

Ƿes hāl!

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