Hello! Moin! Góðan dag!

I’m Kristyn.

I’m a fiction author, essayist, and blogger with a passion for the intersection of language, cultural history, and literature.

My interests extend from Iron Age Europe through the 19th century. I blog about everything from oral traditions to romantic poetry, but I specialize in Middle High German, Icelandic, and Old English epics. I enjoy looking at these texts through the lens of cultural and linguistic history: how they came to by popular, how the language was used, and what they can tell us today.

All of this has helped to inform and inspire my fiction. I enjoy creating settings, plots, and characters that reflect various European and European-American cultural attitudes throughout history, allowing those attitudes to shape the story in a meaningful way.

I graduated magna cum laude from University of Redlands with a degree in literature, with an emphasis on Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian epic literature. My critical essay “Swords, Serpents, and Symbolic Imagery: Examining the Sigemund Passage in Beowulf” received departmental honors. I’m currently pursuing my master’s in history and archival studies at Claremont Graduate University.

I frequently feature guest writers and authors on my blog, especially those that write about similar topics. If you’re interested in having an article featured, please contact me here.

Ƿes hāl!

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