About the Author

Hi! I’m Kristyn.

I write romantic comedies with a broader women’s fiction slant as well as the occasional horror or thriller. My debut novel, SEVEN RULES FOR BREAKING HEARTS, will be released May 16, 2023 and is available for pre-order now.

Outside of fiction writing, I’ve made various podcast appearances and written articles about my academic work on the cultural history and literatures of Iron-Age and medieval Germanic Europe. For many years, I worked in marketing and design for non-profits, with a special focus on museums, archives, and academic institutions. I earned my B.A. in literature from University of Redlands and am currently in a master’s program in history and museum studies at University of New Hampshire.

On a personal level, I grew up in Southern California but these days I’m restoring an old center-chimney colonial in Maine with my husband. Big fan of peat bogs, fuzzy sweaters, artichokes, and antique books. Willing to trade my pinky toe for good beer and a nice outdoor seating area (I stub my toes often enough that I’m pretty sure I won’t miss it).