I’m Kristyn.

I’m a fiction author, essayist, and blogger with a passion for the intersection of language, cultural history, and literature.

As far as fiction goes, I’m a bit of a genre-hopper. I started my writing journey back in 2019 with every intention of writing myth-inspired fantasy, but I’ve since branched out to focus more on romances, thrillers, and horrors—really, I enjoy writing anything that draws on a long literary tradition in a fresh and unique way. I’m represented by Amy Stapp at Wolfson Literary Agency.

On the academic side of things, my interests extend from Iron Age Europe through the 19th century. I blog about everything from oral traditions to romantic poetry, but I specialize in Migration Period and medieval Germanic Europe. I graduated magna cum laude from University of Redlands with a degree in literature, with a specific emphasis in Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic epic literature. My critical essay “Swords, Serpents, and Symbolic Imagery: Examining the Sigemund Passage in Beowulf” received departmental honors. I’m currently pursuing my master’s in history and archival studies with an emphasis in museum studies at Claremont Graduate University. At present, I’m working on my thesis on the ethical and logistical challenges surrounding the preservation and display of European bog bodies.

I’m the chair of the archival committee and a member of the executive board at the Wrightwood Historical Society and Museum.

I frequently feature guest writers and authors on my blog, especially those who write about similar topics. If you’re interested in having an article featured, feel free to contact me here.

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