Hello! Moin! Servus! Góðan dag!

I’m Kristyn.

I’m a fiction author, essayist, and blogger with a passion for the intersection of language, cultural history, and literature.

My interests extend from Iron Age Europe through the 19th century. I blog about everything from oral traditions to romantic poetry, but I specialize in Middle High German, Icelandic, and Old English epics. I enjoy looking at these texts through the lens of cultural and linguistic history: how they came to be popular, how the language was used, and what they can tell us today. All of this has helped to inform and inspire my fiction—like a lot of other writers, I tend to gravitate toward writing what I know.

I graduated magna cum laude from University of Redlands with a degree in literature, with an emphasis on medieval Germanic epics. My critical essay “Swords, Serpents, and Symbolic Imagery: Examining the Sigemund Passage in Beowulf” received departmental honors. I’m currently pursuing my master’s in history and archival studies at Claremont Graduate University, with an emphasis on museum studies and the cultural history of medieval Germanic Europe.

And now for the fun facts: I live with my husband in a really tiny 1930s ski cabin in the San Gabriel mountains. I collect antique books and prints (mostly 18th- and 19th-century). I love a good beer; show me a new brewery and we’ll probably become best friends. I have an amazon parrot named Huntington. And I’m really obsessed with peat bogs—I bring them up in casual conversation wayyy more often than I’ll willingly admit.

I’m represented by Amy Stapp at Wolfson Literary Agency.

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