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Breaking hearts 101: the rules are simple, unless it’s your love life that’s on the line.

Perpetually single podcaster Margo Anderson knows a thing or two about laying down the rules for hooking up without catching feelings. But when a sponsor offers to host an all-expenses-paid wedding on Catalina Island for Margo’s friend and podcasting partner, she has the internet to answer to.

In a scramble for content to appease her disappointed listeners, Margo cooks up a social experiment: Break all her own dating rules, just to prove to everyone that it’s a bad idea. The best man for the job: Declan Walsh. He may be easy on the eyes, but he’s as smug and annoying as he was in high school—there is no chance Margo will ever catch feelings for him . . . until she does. Can Margo live up to her social media status as the queen of calling it quits, or will love pull her in a new direction?