ADD IT ON GOODREADS • St. Martin’s Griffin
Summer 2024

Assistant professor Clara Fernsby is nothing if not driven. She’s known she wanted to teach history since she was fourteen, and she hasn’t let anything stand in her way—not even the love of her life. And it all paid off in the end, because she landed a well-paid position at a private liberal arts college fresh out of grad school, and this year, she’s finally up for tenure.

When Theodore Harrison is brought on for the fall semester as a visiting scholar, it’s an unwelcome blast from Clara’s past. She hasn’t spoken to Teddy since rejecting him over a Christmas Eve phone call ten years ago. Now that he’s here, she’s reminded of their shared history at every turn: autumns spent at a sleepaway camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where she traded battered books and burned CDs with the quiet, dark-haired boy—and fell in love with him.

That boy might’ve been her best friend, but the man teaching HIST-322 is a total stranger. But as they spend evenings working on a shared project and brainstorming over drinks at a college bar, Clara realizes she’s at risk of falling all over again. Given their history, she knows there’s every chance he’s not interested. But history’s all down to interpretation, and this time around, she’s got no intentions of repeating it.


‘’Readers are going to fall in love with Clara and Teddy’s years-spanning love story, filled with delicious nostalgia, laugh-out-loud nerdiness, and sizzling romance. A must read!’’ – N.S. Perkins, bestselling author of The Infinity Between Us