SEVEN RULES, An Annotated Playlist

Hi, hello, and welcome to the annotated playlist for Seven Rules for Breaking Hearts! I am always a little nervous about sharing playlists. There's no telling whether you guys will interpret the songs the same way I interpret them, so maybe they won't feel as relevant to you. But it felt like a fun idea… Continue reading SEVEN RULES, An Annotated Playlist

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Hello, everyone! This is the first blog update in a while, but it's an exciting one: I finally get to reveal the cover for my debut romantic comedy, SEVEN RULES FOR BREAKING HEARTS! Click here to pre-order now! Cover reveal below: Cover artist Maja Tomljanovic and jacket designer Olga Grlic did an amazing job putting… Continue reading COVER REVEAL


Debunking 6 Querying Myths

Since November of 2020, I've offered an array of freelance editing services to #amquerying authors, providing feedback based on my own successes and failures back when I was querying. This past year, I edited over 150 query letters, which has somehow managed to land me among the most popular query editing gigs on Fiverr. It's… Continue reading Debunking 6 Querying Myths

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What Does Publishing Mean by “High Concept,” Really?

If you've done much research on getting your writing published, chances are you’ve come across the term “high concept.” Agents and editors sometimes use the phrase "high-concept fiction" when talking about the sort of writing they'd like to acquire, and you'll often hear it touted by writing blogs as a surefire way to make your… Continue reading What Does Publishing Mean by “High Concept,” Really?

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The Power of Specificity in Fiction

The internet is rife with tips and guides that tell aspiring writers how to write. Many writing "rules" are generally agreed upon (i.e., avoiding redundant adverbs, and the whole showing rather than telling issue). But from everything I've seen, one of the most overlooked and undervalued pieces of writing advice is "be more specific." Specificity… Continue reading The Power of Specificity in Fiction


7 Basic Query Letter Tips for Aspiring Fiction Authors

Back in December, when I started offering an editing service on Fiverr to help fellow writers fine-tune their query letters, I anticipated that most of the work would revolve around refining their pitch so that it sounded as interesting and marketable as possible. Instead, I found that a lot of people are missing out on… Continue reading 7 Basic Query Letter Tips for Aspiring Fiction Authors

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A Visit to Keldur, Iceland

Anyone familiar with Iceland has likely heard something about turf houses, the iconic grass-roofed houses that grace the countryside, carried over from insulation methods in medieval Norway. I wrote once before about Rútshellir, a famous old cave guarded by a turf-covered barn. But while the cave itself might be the oldest man-made residence in Iceland,… Continue reading A Visit to Keldur, Iceland